Carl is a fantastic driving instructor, I would defiantly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. He is polite, friendly, funny, patient, and most importantly very thorough in his methods of teaching. I have previously had a bad experience with a different driving instructor, and have friends which have also had similar experiences. Seemingly, there are many people in this industry that will prolong unnecessary amounts of lessons, without focusing on their pupils weaknesses, deliberately to make more money. Carl really isn’t one of them, he is very honest and is extremely effective with his time during lessons. When I met Carl I hadn’t done a driving lesson for 7 years and wasn’t confident in my ability to drive at all, I did 14 hours of lessons with him over 4 weeks, and I passed first time.  

   CRAIG - ASHTON  smiley

If you're looking for a instructor who will push you to improve and learn while being patient and understanding when you make mistakes: I'd recommend Carl.
The biggest compliment I can give is not only did he feel like a driving instructor, he felt like a friend while instructing me.
I know for a fact that without his teaching and instruction, I never would have passed first time! with no faults.
It was a pleasure learning to drive and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn. 



Carl is a brilliant instructor. Helped me to learn everything I needed and built my confidence up as I was so nervous made me feel settled and I passed first time with him. Finally insured and on the roads now thanks to all carls help. Once again thanks for everything carl!
Thank you for all your help on passing my theory and driving test first time, I couldnt belive it!  your website really helped me practice all aspects of the theory test. All my lessons were a hassle and stress free enviroment, and most of all relaxed which helped put me at ease. Carl as a teacher is very professional, patient and friendly and will go that extra mile so you understand everything that you are being tought also very good value for money and flexable i would recomend to any one great service and thanks again carl really enjoyed it and now am as free as a bird!
You are a genuinely lovely person and a very good instructor,well worth recommending and I certainly will , to anyone I can,thank you again. I passed 1st time !
I am very lucky to have had Carl as an instructor , he is simply brilliant,
" Big Thank You to Carl, for helping me pass my driving test, having dyspraxia I thought it would be impossible but got there in the end with a patient,understanding driving instructor who made me feel relaxed.
Thank You Carl 

Carl is a very friendly easy going person to get along with and through the time I spent with him on my lessons I’ve found his lessons not only useful but enjoyable.

He explains everything clearly and is very polite in correcting mistakes, he goes through everything you will need to know for your test in full detail and I found passing a breeze.

No doubt that having Carl as my instructor helped me to be relaxed whilst driving  and understanding of certain aspects of driving. I would highly recommend taking your lessons with Carl



I decided to use Carl to help with my driving after a few disastrous experiences with other driving instructors that constantly let me down. I found Carl to be professional, cost effective and reliable.

Never let me down on a lesson and when it was coming up to my test went out of his way to accomodate my availability . passed after about 7 months 


Carl is a fantastic instructor. He was always patient with me and went through everything in thorough detail to make sure I understood the information he was relaying to me .

He also has a great sense of humour and really made me feel at ease on every lesson. I always looked forward to my lessons as I know they would be fun as well as informative. I passed with 2 driver faults and couldn't be happier. Thank you Carl you are the best.



Just wanted to Thank You  for all the time you spent teaching me how to drive, where I was able to pass my test first time, You are a very good, patient teacher Thank You for everything  .


Would highly recommend Carl to anyone who is looking for a good driving instructor. looking back at my first driving lesson how nervous and petrified I was , never thought I'd ever learn but the help of Carl got me through , it was he was very patient , always had a laugh while learning always made sure he could fit me in for a lesson , couldnt have done it without his help and support , cant thank him enough , passed today with only 4 driver faults.


I cannot recommend Carl as my driving instructor enough.On my first lesson I was scared, nervous and thought I'd never be able to be on the road on my own.

Carl was patient and always great company in the car which really helped me keep calm while driving. He never let me down on any lessons and would always try his best to work with my schedule and fit me in . I would never have thought I could pass first time but with Carl's knowledge and amazing help I did .smiley

AMY--ASHTON  cheeky

Carl is amazing,I would recommend him to all my family and friends. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed from my very first lesson .Lessons were professional , informative and fun!

Genuinely a lovely man who's interests are in the right place . He helped calm  my nerves and build my  confidence and supported me throughout my learning. would highly recommend.. I passed today with only 2 driver faults



Finally passed my test with all the problems ( 2 cancelled tests ) we had but we perservered , I couldn't have passed my test if it wasn't for Carl , couldn't of wished for a better Instructor the only downfall was that Carl was a Man Utd fan , He  was so friendly and easy to talk to , most of the time I didn't feel like I was on a lesson.

I would more than happily recommend him as your driving instructor , the most nicest guy you could possibly meet.

Once again Carl , Thank You, been such a great experience, and Only 2 driver faults



When I had my first lesson with Carl I was so nervous to start driving, but as soon as I got into the car he made me feel so comfortable and explained everything so well. He is so patient with everything and if you made a mistake he would be so calm and not make you feel bad about the mistake you made. I could always rely on Carl to make me laugh on our lessons and enjoyed every lesson. I highly recommend him to anyone and will miss our weekly lesson. Thank you so much Carl



JOEL - MOSSLEY  yesyes

I had failed my test 4 times and had a bad experience with a national Franchise driving school around 13 years ago.

Having decided to get behind the wheel again after 13 years I was fortunate enough to discover Carl's driving school , From the outset Carl has been attentive, reliable and flexible, creating a driving lesson that suited my needs in terms of timescales and importantly my budget.
From day one Carl's lessons were led by myself on the open road which developed my confidence and enabled me to quickly develop my driving skills. Carl's knowledge of driving , teaching, manor and ability to instil it in me has been exemplary.

I've had 19 hours of lessons with Carl, they've been brilliant , full of challenges and given me a massive range of driving skills , all of which has culminated in me passing my test first time at hyde test centre , I will be undertaking my advanced driving with him and recommending him to my family friends and colleagues and intend keeping in touch with him as a friend in the future .
Joel Wildgoose
DARREN -- DENTON    yesyes

I would like to say a massive thank you to Carl for enabling me to pass my driving test 1st time. Carl made me feel comfortable and was also patient with teaching me during my lessons, This meant that my skills improved greatly from lesson to lesson. Carl maintained honesty with how i was doing and believed that i could pass. I passed with only 3 driver faults , which i am very grateful, and am now looking forward to driving. 



After bad experiences with two previous instructors, I was lucky to find Carl.  He couldn't have been more different, I felt comfortable from day one.  He helped me work my nerves and the mistakes I was making until I passed my test with only two driver faults. 

A brilliant instructor, so much so that my sister is now taking lessons with him on my recommendation.

Thanks for everything.



It took me 17 different calls to other driving schools to finally find Carl, however I wish he was the first call I made.

From the get go he was confidence inspiring and his instruction clear and concise, very easy to get along with and a genuinely nice guy. He doesn't at any point hold you back and pushes you beyond what you think you're capable of in order to get you test ready and safer on the road

I would recommend Carl to any potential pupil, whether you're just starting out or you've had some lessons previously as his ability to develop you on a week by week basis is such a rare quality to find in the industry.



Great driving instructor, shows a lot of trust in you on the roads.Improved my driving a lot, so easy going, its been a pleasure learning with him, couldn't speak more highly of him, thanks Carl.Passed only 3 driver faults 1st time.



Carl is a brilliant instructor , he's friendly and easy to get along with which put you at ease on the road. He puts a lot of trust in you which gives you the confidence needed.

He focuses on your weakness's which really helps you improve and get better each lesson 100% recommend to anyone learning to drive. I passed 1st time 16th May 2017



Carl is very patient and experience tutor, after changing from my previous instructor I was shocked how different and better his techniques and knowledge of the local area were,

he helped me with my confidence which was pretty low after my bad experience with my previous instructor, he explained everything clearly and covered the difficulties I previously had, I passed my test with Carl on my first attempt in under 10 hours , after 30 hours with another instructor and failed tests, if you want a polite , professional then call Carl , I passed with only 2 driver faults ,


LIANA----DENTON  yesyes

You were a great instructor, I don't like many people and it's hard for me to feel at ease, but you made every lesson relaxed and enjoyable, at the same time as getting me ready for my test.. Thankyou so much X

Passed 1st time with only 4 driver faults.



Carl is a fantastic driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him. I was so nervous when starting my lessons as I had a bad experience with a previous instructor and thought that I was never going to pass my test. Carl helped me build up my confidence and made me feel relaxed. He is extremely patient and explained everything in thorough detail. He is very reliable, polite and easy to get on with which made my lessons enjoyable. I honestly don't think I would of past first time if it hadn't of been for Carl. Thank you!!
TOM----GEE CROSSyesyes
Carl is a top bloke, quality instructor and patient as well, I don't know how many times he had to tell me the same thing, had a good laugh with him plenty to chat about. Would highly recommend him to anyone searching for driving lessons around the Tameside area.
Passed with 0 faults.

Passed my test today after a few hiccups before it including a little breakdown but I could not have asked for a better driving instructor! Would highly recommend him to anyone, So supportive! Thanks for everything Carl!


PAUL---DENTON yesyes

Excellent driving instructor I would highly recommend carl for anybody helped me pass 1st time been a privilege



Very kind and considerate person, very patient and understanding. Makes sure your able to pass your test, brilliant driver instructor.



Over the summer I found my driving lessons really calm and instructive, I have learnt alot from Carl. Done a few lessons before my test which really helped to prepare me and then I done my test and passed. I have enjoyed the whole journey. I would recommend driving lessons Tameside to all who want to start driving. Thanks Carl



Carl is the best driving instructor around. He is really supportive and makes you feel comfortable. You won't find a better driving instructor. Without all of Carls help i wouldn't of been able to pass my test.



 Thank you Carl for being a great driving instructor. Initially I was quite nervous about having driving lessons, but thanks to Carl, I soon felt at ease and became more confident about my driving. My lessons were always informative and entertaining, thanks to his sense of humour. I never thought I would be able to pass my test first time but I did! I would highly recommend Carl to anyone who is learning to drive. You definitely won’t regret it!
It’s been a pleasure Carl, thank you so much.


Five stars are not enough to rate this page!!!There are no words can express how great Carl is as a driving instructor. He is nice and patient. He is more like a friend but definitely great on teaching and guiding you to the right way. After all these lessons with Carl, I would definitely recommend him.


Passed my test today with Carl! After learning and failing with a different instructor, Carl gave me the confidence to pass my test and every lesson was great. Genuinely can’t thank him enough! Definitely take your lessons with Carl, you won’t regret it



Passed first time with only 3 driver faults



Passed with only 3 driver faults



Passed first time with only 2 driver faults



Passed first time with only 2 driver faults



Carl was a very patient driving instructor and taught me very well , I passed my test first time with his great help , also his prices are very reasonable , I would highly recommend .


Charlotte-- Staylbridge yes 

Carl is a great driving instructor, very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable , asking questions about the car and driving techniques. He goes out of his way to fit people in including weekends . Highly recommeded and thankful of his contribution to passing my test .


Leanne---- Denton  yes

Cant thank Carl enough for his patience, I was so nervous about taking lessons but he helped me to quickly gain confidence. Every lesson was fun and informative, never a dull moment. Carl managed to teach the unteachable and get me to a place were I passed my test and am still slightly in shock
I would reccomend Carl to anyone wishing to learn to drive, you won't find a better instructor.

Thank you for everything Carl







Wouldn't have been able to pass my test without Carl! He is an amazing instructor  who I would recommend to anyone! So happy I've now passed. Thank you so much for putting up with me and giving me the confidence to pass my test :)




I would highly recommend Carl to anyone. I started off knowing nothing about driving or even how a car works, to passing first time today. Carl is extremely patient and made me feel so at ease throughout the whole process of learning to drive. He is extremely experienced and made everything so easy to understand. He never panicked or made me feel stressed once, even though learning to drive can be quite stressful. I was worried about finding the right driving instructor and being with someone friendly, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. A better driving instructor than I could’ve hoped for. Thanks for everything Carl!



Carl was a great instructor, really made me feel at ease & was super informative. I'd recommend him to everyone learning how to drive!



Carl was by far the best instructor I have ever had. I had a few before Carl but I couldn't master the clutch and had problems finding the biting point however Carl being the teacher he is, adapted the way he taught to a way I understood and I can not thank him enough. I highly recommend Carl. Thank you.



Carl is a good driving instructor  I would highly recommend ,he was very patient thank you for all your help



Can't say enough about Carl  an excellent Instructor .The best in the area thanks for everything



Fantastic driving instructor very positive and helpful



Wouldn't have passed my test first time without Carl. Very nice and doesn't stress you out 10/10 would recommend.



I passed my driving test first time this morning and it's all thanks to Carl and his patience. Highly recommended!! Thank you so much.






I just passed my test first time with Carl and I would 100% recommend Carl, He is so encouraging and helpful and wouldn't have passed without his support.







Absolutely loved having Carl teach me! He helped me pass first time and feel so comfortable driving, would definitely recommend to anyone.






Carl was a great instructor and made me feel really comfortable and at ease whilst learning to drive. Would highly recommend him for learner drivers.